Leche Flan with ube (Purple yam)

Leche means Spanish for milk is a caramel custard made from milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla flavour. My mom said that this recipes made from France and Spain. When I was I kid shes’s always make this specially  on special occasion.

Ube or Purple sweet potato is very usual in the Philippines. Purple yam is a family of sweet potato have natural colored of lavender.  You can create more desserts on this ingredient like ube cake, ube cheese cake, ube ice cream,  bread ect.

I ask my self what if I combine this desert on one dished?…………..


For Leche Flan:

120 g Granulated sugar

150 g Water

300 ml Condensed milk

370 ml Evaporated milk

5 pcs Egg yolk

1 whole egg

80 g Granulated sugar

10 g Lemon juice


Combine the water and sugar let it boil until it become caramel.


Separate the yolk from the egg white.


Combine the whole egg and egg yolks and whisk. Add the evaporated milk, condensed milk and sugar. Mix until it become smoothed.


Pour the caramel in the ramekins.

Put the mixture of Leche Flan half of each ramekins.


Using aluminum foil cover it and steam bake for 350 F For 20 minutes.

For the purple yam mixture.

750 g Purple yam

475 g Coconut milk

370 ml Evaporated milk

300 ml Condensed milk

Did you know that Purple yam are rich in carbohydrates but low in protein and fats. A 125 g purple yam provides 177 g calories. This amount comprise nearly 9 % of the total daily suggested intake of 2000 calories, and is 65 g calories more than a 125 g sweet potato. You could burn off the 177 calories in purple yam by doing about 30 minutes of low impact aerobic.

Peeled the purple yum cut in to cube then grind it or steamed and peeled.


Mix all the ingredients in one bowl set a side and cover it.

Once the leche flan are half cooked you can pour the ube mixture cover it and steam it again for 30 minutes.

Let it cool before you serve.








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