In German, Brötchen means little bread but it can also go by the name of weck, bommel, schrippe, rundstuck, etc, all depending what region of Germany you’re in. The region I visit is further to the north and they are known as Brötchen. They can be eaten with almost anything you can think to put on top but cheese, sausage, jam and of course, Nutella are favorite accompaniments. Commonly white, whole wheat and rye varieties are sold in the multitude of bakeries that seem to exist on every corner and in every small town. People usually go to the bakery to buy fresh breads and pastries for their breakfast almost everyday. Luckily for me, when I visit, someone else goes and I just get to wake up to fresh Brötchen. But since that’s not the reality that I live here in Canada I’m going to be attempting to make my own.


500 g bread flour

300 g lukewarm water

9 g salt

12 g dry active yeast

I mixed all ingredients together like any other bread – first speed for five minutes, second speed until gluten development

The BFT is only took 30 minutes in a warm space, then I shaped the dough into 70 g buns and placed them on a lined baking sheet. I proofed them for another 30-40 minutes in a warm oven.


Once the dough proofed I used a sharp knife to cut slashes in the center of the buns, they baked for twenty minutes at 400º F

Frühstück ist fertig! Guten Appetit!
















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