I’m sure you’ve seen it in stores, right beside the nut butters on the shelf. They claim it tastes just like peanut butter, but does it really? Well, to someone who’s never had it, it does. Even to the untrained palette it does, to an extent. But true PB fanatics can tell the difference.


(Image source: http://smartcanucks.ca/canadian-freebies-free-wowbutter-samples/)

Taste aside, WOWBUTTER is an amazing product. It’s safe for those who are allergic to peanuts to eat, which makes it a great spread to use on sandwiches when sending your kids to school; most schools being peanut free stops kids from being able to enjoy some of their snacks. However, sandwiches aren’t all WOWBUTTER is good for. Anyone can easily replace peanut butter with WOWBUTTER in baking or savory cooking. But curious minds beg the question, why is WOWBUTTER a good product for people with allergies? Why aren’t individuals who can’t eat peanuts and tree nuts able to eat WOWBUTTER?

Allergies occur when the white blood cells produced in bone marrow recognize a foreign body, whether it anything from food to metal, as pathogens, like bacteria or viruses. It attacks the foreign bodies in the blood, and that’s what causes an allergic reaction.

Peanuts and soy beans are both legumes, so naturally you would assume that soy would cause more of a reaction in allergic individuals than a tree nut, which isn’t related to peanuts at all. Surprise! The proteins in peanuts more closely align with those of tree nuts like cashews and pistachios than they do with their fellow legume. Only about 10% of people allergic to peanuts are allergic to other legumes like soy as well. Soy, being what WOWBUTTER is made of. Some scientists suggest that late exposure to peanut butter is what increases the risk of developing an allergy to it.

Thankfully, soy is so versatile that it can make a delicious peanut butter substitute. It’s easy to use WOWBUTTER instead of  peanut butter. All you have to do is use it instead. No doing special calculations to figure out the conversion rates, just use a cup of WOWBUTTER instead of peanut butter in your good old PB&J.




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