Yes! Spring is around the corner, and we are getting ready to welcome spring!

I am so in love with the last days of winter, when nature starts to wake up slowly and trees start having beautiful blossoms. Green leaves can be seen everywhere and the weather starts getting warmer . That means spring is coming and for us Iranians, that means Norooz will be here very soon!

As many of you know, we celebrate the first day of spring as the start of a new year. This year it’s March 20th and we are getting ready for the new year by doing the spring cleaning, growing “sabzeh” or sprouts, baking Norooz cookies and many other interesting things!

My favorite part is Baking Norooz cookies!

Here I’m going to post one of the most popular Norooz cookies recipes and memories we have.

Nan Panjereh

click here to watch my video 🙂

As for the first “Norooz Special” post, I’m going to tell you about this beautiful Nan Panjereh – Persian Rosettes that my grandma, who passed away 20 days before Norooz – 16 years ago – used to make around this time of the year and almost everyday during Norooz. Since my grandma passed away, my maman has been making these beauties every year.

Nan Panjereh – Persian Rosettes is a traditional Persian cookie that is crisp and light. Once you find the technique, it is easy and fun to make!

“Panjereh” itself means “window” and I think this cookie is named Nan Panjereh because the shape of the cookie looks like old Iranian windows. It’s made of four basic ingredients: Wheat starch, rose water, eggs and all purpose flour. Basically they are all mixed in order and then we fry them in a sauce pan or a deep pan one by one using a rosette iron (can be found on amazon), let it cool and dust some powdered sugar on them.

The most important tip for making Nan Panjereh – Persian Rosettes is to let the rosette iron get hot in oil before dipping it in the batter. When you dip the iron rosette in the batter, the top edge of the iron is even with the surface of the batter. The first couple of Persian Rosettes may not turn out well but don’t worry, because that’s how they are.




75 g wheat or corn starch

4 tbsp rose water

1 cup milk

5 eggs

75 g AP flour

Oil for frying



Mix wheat starch and rose water in a bowl until forms a paste.

Add eggs and milk , and beat until fully combined.

Add flour and mix until smooth.

Let the batter sit for 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a sauce pan or a deep pan until bubbles form around a toothpick touching the bottom of the pan.

Heat rosette iron by letting it stay in hot oil for 10-15 seconds.

Lift the iron, shake off the excess oil and immediately dip it into batter just that the edge of the iron is even with the surface of the batter. Then dip the iron into hot oil. Let the rosettes puff and then take the iron out of oil.

Fry each side of cookies for 30 seconds until golden brown. Take the cookie out and place it on a paper towel.

Dust some powdered sugar on top of cookies.


Stir the batter every 5-6 minutes in order to have it even.


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