NAIT: Baking Program

I can say without a doubt, enrolling in the Nait baking program was the best decision I have ever made.  I have the passion for baking, the motivation to make things happen, I just needed the professional experience to take me to the top. I still have a long way to go, but my teachers and fellow students have taught me so much and have given me a new appreciation for baking.

My first time going down the stairs to the bakery, I was blown away with what I saw.  Large stainless steel benches with wooden tops, giant mixers accompanying each one. The massive rotating tray oven, proofer and countless ingredients bins.  As we were ushered into the back of the bakery, a beautiful display of delectable pastries awaited us.

I ate…a lot!

Nait #1

As the weeks went by I learned, I baked, I cam home everyday with a bag of goodies.  We started out making simple things, our first cake was a chiffon cake with continental buttercream, lemon curd and a chewy coconut wafer. I’ve come a long way since that first day!  With only two weeks left of classes, my memories are bitter-sweet. Excited to start a new chapter, a little sad my time in the Nait bakery is coming to an end.

nait #2.jpg

If I could make a suggestion to anyone who loves baking, apply for this program. The teachers are amazingly talented and have so much knowledge to share. Without this program my career wouldn’t have been possible.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

My most memorable bread would have to be the Jewish Challa, mostly because I couldn’t braid that thing to save my life.  I did eventually figure it out after some guidance, and I’ll definitely never forget my first Christmas yule log. The product I’m most proud of is hands down my wedding cake, titled “A tale as Old as Time”, I learned a ton from that project and can’t wait to make more wedding cakes.


So with my final weeks of classes quickly coming to an end, I get to reflect on what I have learned and what it truly means to be a baker. Without sounding to cheesy, probably already to late. I will forever be grateful to Nait for the amazing opportunity to be part of the Nait Baking program.

Congratulations class of 2017!





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