Baking with Sugar Alternatives



Whether to add new ingredients to your repertoire as substitutes for sugar, or trying to cut down the sugar intake from baked goods, there are over a dozen reasons as to why one could switch to alternative sweets rather than refined sugar for baking. Just to name a few, ingredients like honey, molasses, and, maple syrup could serve as perfect substitutes for your baking product (Bon appétit). 

Here are few sugar alternatives that you could incorporate in your baking!





Honey has many roles in baking beyond its use of alternative sweetness. In baking, honey decreases the tendency for your product to crack, and also retains moisture for long periods of time, making it less susceptible for your product to dry out fast. Honey is also good for keeping your product fresh for extended periods of time, by preventing mold growth on your product (Baking Business).

Honey is generally good for moist cakes, ice creams, and gelatos, however you can find more recipes using honey by clicking here




Molasses is the byproduct of extracting sugar from sugarcane or sugar beets. After extracting it, it can be boiled up to three times to extract three different kinds of molasses: Barbados, dark and blackstrap (Whole Foods Market). Molasses is about two-thirds as sweet as sugar and its strong taste is suited to particular recipes. The general advantages of molasses ranges from giving you nutritional benefits (offering Vitamin B-6, thiamine and low fat content), to advantages related to health such diabetes, where blackstrap molasses helps in stabalizing blood sugar levels. 

Generally molasses works best for gingerbreads and cookies, but additional recipes incorporating molasses could be found by clicking here

Maple Syrup


Maple syrup has a beautiful consistency and an early sweetness. It is collected from the sap of maple trees, and is heated until a smooth syrup consistency has developed (Canadian Living). Maple syrup has a lot of benefits that run parallel to the benefits of molasses. For one, it just doesn’t only induce stable sugar levels in your body, but also carries traces of minerals such as zinc (important for inflammatory responses), and antioxidants (Dr. Axe). 

Maple Syrup is used best for caramels, candies, ice creams and puddings, but you could also find more recipes by clicking here

There are many other sugar alternative like fresh fruits, turbinado sugar, barley malt syrup, and coconut sugar. You could find out more options for alternative sugars by clicking here


Whether you are looking for sugar substitutes, or just trying to cut back on the sugar you put in your baking, these substitutes can provide you good alternatives, and would also give you some unique taste in your baking! Don’t hesitate in trying and experimenting with some sugar alternatives.

Thank you all for reading the blog!

Hope you all have a sweet experience!



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