Drinking Chocolate

In May of 2015 I took a short trip to Seattle with a friend, and got completely blown away by the rich food scene there. We fell in love with Pike Place Market, and went on 2 food tours – one being the chocolate indulgence tour. One of the stops was The Confectional, known for their cheesecakes. It wasn’t cheesecake that blew me away though, it was their Columbian Sipping Chocolate.

I adore dark chocolate, the darker the better in my books; this sipping chocolate was pure chocolate flavour in a one ounce cup. Super dark, and almost as viscous as molasses, I was pretty much in heaven. They served it with cayenne pepper (optional), which is a flavour enhancer for chocolate. I tried it without at first, but adding a small pinch of the cayenne really elevated the flavour to new heights.

sipping chocolate

The rich, indulgent drink I had in Seattle was definitely a modern take on drinking chocolate. Where the Aztecs would be drinking more of an unsweetened chocolate tea, North Americans have come up with a way to make it much more calorie dense. Adding dairy and sugar, a modern drinking chocolate recipe looks something like this, containing chocolate, cinnamon, milk, and sugar.

If you’re interested in more of a traditional way to make drinking chocolate, check out this video, which shows how they traditionally make it in Mexico.

Happy drinking!

~ Tierany


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