Social Media in the Pastry World

It is undeniable that social media has become our main source of communication nowadays. This is a fantastic opportunities for businesses or individuals to jump on the bandwagon and try going viral with their creations and attract new customers.

In the span of a few seconds we can see customer reviews for any place we are thinking of going; the first thing I do when trying a new place is google it and see what comes up. Between TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, and google reviews, I can get a snapshot first impression of a place before even clicking their website or Instagram page. This can be dangerous for some businesses, especially if one bad review taints their image. However I strongly believe having such harsh, revealing critics online at all times will put pressure on businesses to uphold a high standard of quality goods and services. We must respect the power of social media and use it to help us succeed.

Whenever I travel and we’re looking for somewhere to eat, I always google “best restaurant/cafe/bakery near me” and it’s amazing how fast you can get an idea of what’s popular. I like to use TripAdvisor while traveling because it seems to have the most honest reviews. As an example, when we search bakeries in Edmonton and sort by ranking, we get a list of great bakeries with honest reviews, Duchess being in the #1 slot.

Many people use social media as a way to discover new trends in the pastry world. For example, when mirror glaze cakes peaked in popularity, Instagram user Olganoskovaa gained a huge following for her gorgeous cakes.

Home bakers are constantly finding inspiration in gifs and videos all over Facebook, with the most popular being Tasty by BuzzFeed. These sped up, easily digestible videos are popular because of their visual representation of recipes in a short time frame.

My all time favourite social media platform in the pastry world is YouTube. I love watching how-to videos that are detailed and commentated with great visual aids. I watch them for learning and on my free time. YouTube is especially useful for cake decorating videos, a few of my favourite channels are Rosie’s Dessert SpotCupcake Jemma, and Greggy’s Digest. Having a YouTube channel as a part of your business is a brilliant marketing strategy; good quality videos with likeable personalities will spike curiosity about the business and gain a worldwide customer base. Cupcake Jemma has been so successful with her shop that they recently opened a new location, and I believe their YouTube channel success had a big role in growing their business.

Social media will undeniably be a huge part of our future, and as aspiring pastry chefs we can take advantage of it to help advance our careers.

Happy websurfing!

~ Tierany


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