Made a Cheese pizza using a recipe/formula using the Nait (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) baking formula book. Super easy to make. amazing flavor and great texture.

This cheese pizza is a bit different though on how its made. it has a overnight Biga preferment in it, to find out more on what a preferment is, go too

Here is the formula in weight

  • -All purpose flour 175g
  • -Water 122g  -salt 4g
  • -fresh yeast is 3g (if you do not have it. multiply 3x 0.4. that will give you fresh yeast too dry yeast sumstitute. so it will be 1.2g dry yeast
  • -Olive oil 11g
  • biga preferment 70g
  • Preferment
  • All purpose flour 44g
  • h20 26g
  • fresh yeast 1g

This gives you a total weight of 385g.

Steps on how to make this greatness

  1.  gather ingredients
  2. To make preferment mix ingrediants place into a container that is sealed tight in a room temperature area for minimum 12 hours. not over 16 hours.
  3. Next day ready to make pizza, get the h20 that is 122g, mix it with the preferment to release it from the container too the mixer
  4. after the Preferment biga is in the mixer. Dump all other ingredients in mixer
  5. Mix on first speed for 2-3 minutes. then 4 minutes on 2nd speed or till gluten window

  • After the dough is mixed, take out and round the dough too a ball.
  • Put in a container, covered in plastic wrap for 1 1/2 hours in room temperature to rest.
  • After done resting, take out container, lightly flatten the dough (degass) and then cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes to rest
  • after rest, roll to proper circle size, place any type of sauce you want with any topping. (I did tomato/suracha sauce with cheese)

Bake in oven on 150c or 300F for 20-30 minutes.





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