Duchess Bake Shop: My first experience

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Before I moved to Edmonton, I had never heard of Duchess Bake shop. Now let me tell you, I was not disappointed on my first trip there.  Not only had I never been to a bakery like this, but I had never tried a macaron before, a love for them started on October 21st, 2016 when I tried several from Duchess ( Vanilla is my favorite).

Everything about Duchess intrigued me, from the vintage tables and chairs, fancy chandeliers and giant display case filled with cakes, cookies and pastries.  The smell of sugar and coffee filled the air, the chatter from customers and clanking of dishes from busy employees surrounded me, making the experience a vision for how I wanted my own bakery to be one day.  I am now a regular customer there, usually going in for the vanilla macarons!

Taken from: duchessbakeshop.com

Not only is Duchess one of my favorites, but it seems to be a favorite for many others as well.  In 2015, Buzzfeed put Duchess in the number 4 spot of ” 23 BAKERIES AROUND THE WORLD YOU NEED TO EAT AT BEFORE YOU DIE.”  With the Duchess philosophy of using “no mixes, no preservatives and no shortcuts”, it’s easy to see why they made the list.


Every month they have a few new flavors of macarons, using flavors that compliment the seasons or holiday.  Pumpkin pie macarons were definitely one of my favorites.  This month they are featuring blueberry lavender, sour cherry poppy seed, and chocolate banana.  Looks like I’ll be making a trip there this week!

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Cherry Sour Cream pie

I love that you can go into this shop and buy a large pie or cake for sharing or just buy a smaller version to enjoy by yourself. I mean really, I could go on and on why I love Duchess Bake Shop, but to put it in simple terms…MACARON!

Duchess Bake Shop

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Photo taken from yellowpages.ca