Preserving Bananas in the Freezer: Which is the Best Way?

I’m a huge fan of banana bread. I’ve loved it since I was a kid, but I hated having to wait for bananas to get ripe. Recently, I learned that freezing bananas makes them ripen to the perfect level of mushiness for banana bread– after they’re thawed, of course.

However, that begs the question: what is the best way to freeze bananas? I did a little experiment to find out the perfect way to store whole, fresh bananas in the freezer. I took three bananas, and put one in a bag in the peel, one in the freezer in only its peel, and one out of its peel in a bag.

After leaving them in the freezer for a few weeks, I took them out and let them thaw. Due to not being in the peel, the flesh of the peeled banana was darker than the flesh of the bananas still in peel.

Once thawed, they all seemed to have the same give when touched. I began trying to peel the first one, out of bag and in peel. And, well…

It wasn’t easy. I had to resort to cutting it open, and the same thing happened with the one in peel in bag. The bag caused no difference in the two bananas.

The peeled banana was the easiest to deal with, simply sliding out of the baggie. All three bananas squished the same, and the only difference between them was the colour after they were all peeled and placed in the bowl.

The verdict? Peeling bananas before freezing them is beneficial, if only for the ease of use afterwards. The peel really makes no difference, other than level of difficulty getting it out. So if you’re going to freeze bananas, peel them beforehand. Then simply mash them up, and use!

Now go make something delicious!